StickOnPods Home Organizing Set


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The StickOnPods Home Organizing Set #0306 is everything you need to
organize your wood framed medicine cabinet in a single set. The set consists
of Cosmetic Organizers, Uitlity Organizers and Tooth Brush Holders that
are perfectly sized to organize and display your cosmetic and personal items
The clear high quality plastic StickOnPods adhere using a non-residue adhesive
to the inside of your wood framed medicine cabinet or any other hard, flat surface
such as tile, granite, glass or mirrors to provide additional storage space.
Simply peel off the protective tape exposing the adhesive, then place each of the
StickOnPods onto the preferred location within your cabinet or hard flat surface.

Organizing Set includes the following products:

– 1ea. StickOnPods Cosmetic Organizer Set

Р1ea. StickOnPods  Organizer Set

– 2ea. StickOnPods Tooth Brush Holders ( Two Colors: )



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